Where to Find Orthopaedic Products and Suppliers

Orthotics is a branch within the medical field that focusses on designing, manufacturing, prescribing, fitting, and monitoring orthopaedic products and the effects they have on patients.  The specialists that work in this medical field are called orthotists. They focus on the musculoskeletal system, treating people who struggle with muscular deficiencies, cerebral palsy, muscular and ligament injuries, and more.

Orthopaedic products, or orthotic devices, consist of products that are designed to either correct or support disorders, deformities, or injuries that affect the musculoskeletal system. These products can include back braces, foot braces, wrist braces and much more.

Why You Need Professional Orthopaedic Products

Orthopaedic products such as slings, generic neck braces, and more, are available over-the-counter, however, in certain cases there are orthopaedic products that need to be specifically designed, manufactured, and fitted.

When dealing with disorders that can result in an orthopaedic issue, it is extremely important to consult an orthotist. They will be able to assess which orthopaedic products will be needed, and if a product needs to be specially ordered or designed, or if an over-the-counter option is all that is needed. An orthotist is also able to design and manufacture the product needed, and will be able to fit and monitor the progress of the product.  

The Benefits of Professional Orthopaedic Suppliers

Pain relief is the foremost motivator to visit an orthotist, and purchase an orthopaedic product. To live in constant pain is tiring, and can negatively affect the rest of your body, as one’s natural instinct is to compensate for the weaker or painful areas within the body.

The benefit of visiting an orthotist is that they are able to correctly diagnose the issue at hand and prescribe the correct product needed. They will also be able to supply you with the products, and help with the recovery process or supportive treatment required, by constantly monitoring and adjusting the products, if need be.

Orthopaedic Shop Near Me: Where to Find a Supplier

If you are looking for a generic orthopaedic product, you should be able to locate one at a general pharmacy. However, if you think your problem needs a specialised product, you can contact us at Meintjes & Neethling to receive a professional opinion on your injury or disorder.