Wheelchair Prices – The Guide to Buying Wheelchairs

wheelchairs prices, wheelchairs for sale, wheelchairsWhen you are perusing wheelchairs for sale you may be drawn to the wheelchair prices, in that the most expensive one must be best, right? Not necessarily. When you are in the market for a wheelchair there are some fundamental factors you should keep in mind to determine if the wheelchair will serve all the purposes for your personal requirements comfortably and for an extended period of time. Here are the most important things to keep in mind when buying a wheelchair.

Do You Need A Standard Wheelchair or a Transport Wheelchair?

In a nutshell, this choice is easy. If the patient is able to use their arms enough to comfortably operate a standard wheelchair, then all that is left to consider is whether it can support their weight and provide the necessary comforts. It should be easy to store, transport and use.

Though often discussed together, the fundamental difference between a standard and a transport wheelchair is crucial. Transport wheelchairs are generally better for a patient who is unable to take advantage of the mobility offered by a standard wheelchair. A transport wheelchair is best for when the patient is assisted by a caretaker who can easily get the patient from point A to point B with as little effort as possible.

Would I Be Better Off With an Electric Wheelchair?

If a patient’s mobility is particularly limited by their condition, a great means of giving them a sense of independence when it comes to their movement is by buying an electric wheelchair. Naturally, wheelchair prices differ when you introduce electric wheelchairs.

The freedom it allows is worth its cost, just be sure it has all the features necessary for extended use every day. They should be easy to fold and unfold and collapse small enough to be placed in your vehicle. It should also have a motor strong enough to support reasonable speeds and inclines without fear of tipping. It is advisable to check a wheelchair first hand before committing to purchasing it whatever the wheelchair’s price may be. This way you can be sure it is comfortable and allows patients to take advantage of their full range of mobility, comfortably and safely.

How Much Do Wheelchair Prices Really have to do With Their Quality?

Electric wheelchairs’ prices will be higher than that of standard or transport wheelchairs, but the price is not necessarily an indication of what will work best for any particular patient. Choose a wheelchair based on what works rather than buying a wheelchair based on its price.

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