Wheelchair-Friendly Activities

There are many rules and regulations that buildings need to follow in order to ensure that people in wheelchairs have access, and mobility. A lot of buildings and activities, however, don’t accommodate wheelchairs. It’s important to find wheelchair friendly activities to help life stay fun and educational for those in wheelchairs!

3 Wheelchair-Friendly Activities in South Africa

Hop On-Hop Off Site Seeing Bus

Otherwise known as “The Red Bus” has wheelchair access and comfy place for wheelchair-owners to sit and admire the view, in both Joburg and Cape Town! The bus gives tours of different areas in the city, with a set of headphones that plugs straight into the bus, where you can hear all about each site. Discover our two main cities on this wheel-chair friendly activity.

Botanical Gardens

With long paved walkways, most of South Africa’s national botanical gardens can accommodate people in wheelchairs. They may not be able to trek up a rocky mountain, but they can certainly enjoy a day in the sun, having a picnic or even joining a music concert (when those are available again). You can find botanical gardens all over South Africa, but the most popular are Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town and Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens in Johannesburg (Roodepoort).

Animal Sanctuaries

It’s incredibly rewarding visiting an animal sanctuary where animals have been saved, or are being rehabilitated to get released back into nature. It’s also very educational, as the handlers often conduct tours and shows to explain more about the birds / animals. A great option is the Lory Park Animal and Owl Sanctuary; it also has a wheelchair-friendly resort nearby.

Aquariums (marine life sanctuaries) also house sea creatures that need rehabilitation, and these tend to be great venues for wheelchairs. A good example in Cape Town is the Two Oceans Aquarium. You can organise a pass on this website to go on other wheel-chair friendly aquarium adventures too!

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