Wheelchair Exercise Tips at Home for the Elderly

There are countless exercises for elderly people in wheelchairs that can be done at home! With COVID-19 limiting many of our activities like going to the physiotherapist, or even to the gym for our routine workouts, it doesn’t mean that we should slack on keeping physically active.

Why Wheelchair Exercises for Seniors are Important

A healthy body means an improved metabolism, a healthy mind and all-round mobility benefits. Even though mobility is limited in wheelchairs, there are many great reasons why exercises for the elderly in wheelchairs will be beneficial:

  • Alleviate muscle/joint pains caused by inactivity
  • Build muscle/bone mass to prevent other injuries
  • Enhance range of motion
  • Feel stronger and more mobile

The Most Important Exercises to do at Home

It’s important that you consult your doctor via phone call or email to confirm whether the following exercise suggestions are right for you. There are different classes of exercises that should be looked into in order to achieve the full benefits of exercising at home.

Cardiovascular exercises 

Any physical activity that boosts your heartrate can be considered cardiovascular exercises. Pushing your wheelchair around the house or safely around outside can work your arms while giving your heart a necessary boost.

Strength training exercises 

Strength and resistance training involves working and building muscle to prevent injuries and improve the overall strength of the body. Strength training can be done gently using a range of movement and small weights, along with resistance bands and repetitions of certain exercises depending on the body’s limits and needs.

Flexibility exercises 

To keep joints lubricated, and the body able to move fluidly. Flexibility exercises will also improve stiffness, while being gentle on the joints. These can easily be done at home, with or without equipment.

Consistent exercise, no matter how seemingly insignificant, can work wonders for the human body at any age. For more information and advice, as well as recommendations, please contact us.