4 Wheel Walker

The 4 wheel walker with bike brakes is lightweight, foldable and adjustable. It comes standard a convenient front shopping basket and a flip up seat. Use the seat while waiting in queues or just when you need a rest.

Walking sticks
Gutter Crutches

Knee walker

The Knee walker is designed to maximise your ability to mobilise while recovering from a “below-the-knee injury or surgery.

The Knee walker folds easily for transport in a vehicle and is fully adjustable for your body size.  No more aching and blistered hands from uncomfortable crutches! The Knee walker allows you to safely remove weight bearing while remaining mobile and active.

Walking Frame

3 Wheel Walker

The 3 Wheel walker is compact and so easy to manoeuvre but still gives the crucial support needed  while walking.


Pediatric Crutches

Reverse Walker

Walking Frame