Types of Prosthetic Foot

After an extensive trans-metatarsal amputation (the amputation of the foot), it is important to get a prosthetic foot that suits your lifestyle. Thanks to modern technology and incredible innovation, there are many types of prosthetic feet suited for different needs.

EVO Flex-Foot Assure – For Less Active Patients

The Flex-Foot Assure is a very good first option for a below the knee prosthetic. It’s easy to use and imitates a natural gait movement, resulting in less fatigue after long-term use, and less strain on the lower back. It is a brilliant prosthetic foot for beginners, elderly patients, and those with medical conditions that make movement difficult.

Ossur Talux – For Active People

This prosthetic foot was designed with active people in mind; it’s ideal for use on a variety of terrains, and provides users with exceptional balance and agility. It is also available in a sandal toe design.

Vari-Flex with Evo – For the All-Rounder

This prosthetic foot is lightweight and easy to adapt to for beginners. It has a slender profile, so it’s an attractive option for patients who want something a little more streamlined. It’s ideal for any activity like walking, hiking, and running.  

Vari-Flex XC

The Vari-Flex XC foot features a shock absorbing dual carbon keel and is lightweight and easy to fit. Stance and walking control are enhanced by its sturdy design. Due to impact reduction and smooth roll-over, this artificial limb is the ideal foot for active people who want to use a single lightweight prosthetic foot.

Flex-Run with Nike sole

The Flex-Run features a longer toe lever and efficient energy return, while the Nike sole offers great traction with this lower leg prosthesis. The features of this prosthetic foot are designed with runners in mind. It is appropriate for users participating in high impact activities such as recreational jogging, trail running, distance running, and triathlons.

For more prosthetic feet, and other prostheses and orthotics, contact our experts for a consultation and discuss which option is best for you.