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What is Phantom Limb and How Can a Prosthetic Professional Help?

custom made prosthesis, prosthetic professional, qualified prosthetistPhantom limb, also known as phantom limb pain or syndrome, is something others find difficult to understand but is common among amputees. A qualified prosthetist, along with a mental health professional, will help an amputee suffering from phantom limb pain. Here is what it is and some ways in which phantom limb can be treated.

Regaining Your Independence with Prosthetics after Amputation

Losing a limb is a traumatic experience that sends people through the stages of grief, much like those when losing a loved one. Though this grieving process is both healthy and necessary there is light at the end of the tunnel. With permanent prosthesis you can work to regain your independence after amputation and begin your second chance with your very own custom made prosthesis.

How Modern Prosthesis Compares to Those throughout History

The comparison of modern prosthetic limbs to those throughout history takes us on an interesting journey of how the materials and design have become more advanced. The major difference in the range of improvements is found in the presence of newer materials as well as the integration of electronics in some cases. Permanent and custom made prosthesis have certainly been transformed over the years by orthotics and prosthetics practitioners and engineers, improving on both ergonomics and cosmetics.

Preparing a Residual Limb for a Prosthetic Leg

custom made prosthesis, lower limb prosthesis, artificial legsTravelling is an exciting experience, and it requires substantial planning and preparation. You need to plan travel routes, destinations and what luggage needs to go with you. As challenging as this process can be for able bodied people it becomes even more daunting when travelling with people with cerebral palsy.

Would You Like To Have Your Run Back?

Custom-made-prosthesisLosing a limb is traumatic for anybody who goes through the experience, but it is especially traumatic for athletes and other individuals who rely on the lost limb(s) for their sense of purpose and identity. Think of a sprinter, for instance, who’s lost a leg. In that moment, as that sprinter, you might feel like your career and purpose are lost.



The good news: With the help of orthotics and prosthetics practitioners you can get your running days back.