Custom-made Prosthesis

The Importance of a Custom-made Prosthesis

Custom-made ProsthesisTechnology is developing at an astronomical rate, and prosthetic doctors in Pretoria are constantly improving to keep up with trends and provide the best possible care for patients. These days a qualified prosthetist can, with the correct tools and enough time, provide you with a custom-made prosthesis that is perfect for you, no matter the limb being replaced. 

Tips for Cleaning your Custom-made Prosthesis

Cleaning Custom ProsthesisProstheses (socks, liners and sockets) are a literal extension of your body and should be taken care of the way the rest of your body is. Ensuring your prosthetic is clean should be as much a part of your routine as brushing your teeth. By doing so you are making sure they last as long as possible and that you are from head to prosthetic toe.