Breast Prosthesis

3 Most Common Question Mastectomy Patients Ask Prosthetic Professionals

breast prosthesis, prosthetic professional, prostheticsWomen planning to undergo a mastectomy have options as to the aesthetic they want after the operation and how to achieve it. There is the option of having a surgical breast augmentation where breast implants are placed under remaining breast tissue. Another option for mastectomy patients is to get breast prosthesis from a prosthetic professional. Many women choose to forego breast reconstruction after a mastectomy and opt for breast prosthesis makes for a great alternative to more surgery.

Choosing Breast Prosthesis

breast prosthesis


Cancer, in any form, is devastating. Breast cancer in particular not only invades your body but often leaves a woman having to undergo a mastectomy and lose part of her womanhood. Some may argue that losing one or both breasts have nothing to do with losing that feminine touch, but your breasts undeniably form part of who you are as a woman.