Regaining Your Independence with Prosthetics after Amputation

Losing a limb is a traumatic experience that sends people through the stages of grief, much like those when losing a loved one. Though this grieving process is both healthy and necessary there is light at the end of the tunnel. With permanent prosthesis you can work to regain your independence after amputation and begin your second chance with your very own custom made prosthesis.

Taking on the Transition Phase between Pre and Post Prosthetic

This is likely to be the most grueling stage in the process of regaining your independence after amputation and before you are ready to be fit with a permanent prosthesis. This phase will include frequent visits to your doctor for wound care as this is the wound healing phase. Later you will need to visit a prosthetist in order to prepare you for the phases that will follow.

The first part of moving from the wound healing phase to the mobilisation phase is to achieve a uniform shape of your residual limb using a compression bandage or sock in preparation for your custom made prosthesis.

The image below from Össur nicely breaks down the stages after amputation:

It Will Not Be Easy but It Will Be Worth It

Next is the mobilisation phase which involves fitting the artificial limb you have chosen. In order to perfect the fit of a custom made prosthesis, you will need to undergo multiple fittings and physical therapy to get you well and truly back on your feet.

There will be times where it all seems like too much, but it is possible, and it is an integral stage to regaining your independence on your new permanent prosthesis. With a dedicated team made up of your prosthetist and physiotherapist you will make leaps and bounds in the name of regaining your independence.

Learning to Do Things a in a New, but Independent Way with Prosthetics

The reintegration phase is where you, along with your prosthetist, will aim to restore your mobility and independence as fully as possible. This will be an ongoing process and you will learn to do all the things you did before the amputation, and more, as you become more comfortable and begin to see your permanent prosthesis as an extension of yourself.

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