What is a Foot Scan

With Resistive Sensor platforms used to detect the patient’s foot pressure during standing and walking we can treat various foot problems, such as:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Hyper pronation
  • Supination
  • Shin splints
  • Unstable heel strike

We help patients of all ages and we also provide foot scans for athletes that are suffering from foot, knee, hips or lower back pain.

Using the latest technology, we can fine-tune the prosthesis’s alignment so that the prosthetic foot and the other foot is 100% uniform.

In RTB, we use 2.5m plate cameras to capture the patient’s body geometrics from behind and from the side to integrate the walkway analysis; therefore, we are able to get a more accurate analysis. The system is very successful in the specialization within the prosthesis field. We can compare the prosthesis’s alignment with that of the contralateral side.

What are Innersoles?

Orthotic innersoles & foot supports such as silicone heel cups, heel spur pads and silicone innersoles, work by cushioning, supporting, and protecting the feet during physical activity, which in turn reduces the impact on other joints such as your knees, hips and spine.

Foot problems, though congenital or acquired, may result in flat feet, heelspurs and associated inflammation due to excess strain on the feet. Leading to increased strain on the ankles, knees and back.

Orthotic innersoles/ foot supports aid in preventing these problems by realigning the joints, improving posture and reducing pain by spreading weight evenly throughout the body.

Our custom-designed innersoles are made of unique materials, customed to each patient, that are ultra-light and designed to be a perfect fit. The special materials adapts to the shape of your foot, giving you maximum comfort while supporting, protecting and cushioning your feet.

Off the Shelve Foot Orthotics

Silicone Heel Cups

Silicone Innersoles

Heel Spur Cushion