Modern technology and techniques have taken great strides in making prosthesis options available for amputees who have lost a foot or both their feet. They allow patients to continue doing the activities they love like running, cycling and swimming. There are even prosthetic feet designed especially for athletes.

Prosthetic feet function as part of your lower leg prosthesis and carry a multitude of abilities that mimic that of a real foot like shock absorption, multi-axial rotation, gait progression and adjustable heel heights all made from waterproof and impact resistant materials.

There are two kinds of prosthetic feet which can be divided into those with a non-articulated connection and those with an articulated connection. Prosthetic feet with a non-articulated connection are those which make use of a rigid connection to the prosthetic shank, whereas articulated connections are made with a mechanism that imitates a hinged ankle.

You will likely be fitted with a sleeve for added comfort regardless of where the prosthesis is attached, whether it be part of an above knee prosthesis or a below knee prosthesis. You could also opt for a cosmetic shell that looks like a foot with the prosthetic mechanism hidden inside.

How do you choose the right prosthetic foot? It is important to note that when you visit your prosthetic professional you give them all the information on your lifestyle and what you need from your permanent prosthesis. It is of the utmost importance that you choose the prosthetic foot that will suit your day-to-day needs. The prosthetic feet that are fit must be compatible with the rest of the artificial limb to ensure the entire lower-limb prosthesis works as a unit.

Be sure to ask any questions you may have before the final fitting to ensure you are satisfied with the capabilities of the prosthetic foot you are fit with. Our team at Meintjes and Neethling are qualified orthotics and prosthetics practitioners and are dedicated to giving our patients the perfect fit.

Types Of Feet

Flex-Foot Assure

The Flex-Foot Assure
The Flex-Foot Assure is a very good option as a first below knee prosthesis or as a more permanent option for less active patients, or patients with vascular problems or diabetes. By making use of the EVO, users can experience a natural gait progression by utilising the foot plate to its fullest, thus resulting in reduced fatigue and less strain on the lower back and the sound side with the help of this well fitted artificial limb component.


The Flex-Foot Balance
The Flex-Foot Balance is a multiaxial foot combining both durability and stability with comfort. This high-tech artificial limb has a smooth transition from heel strike to toe off due to its full length toe lever and multiaxial design, providing a state-of-the-art prosthetic foot to fit into your overall lower leg prosthesis.


The Talux foot
The Talux foot lower leg prosthesis has multiaxial function with ideal proportions of balance and agility. Specially designed to mimic the anatomy of the human foot, this artificial limb provides a fluid, natural walking motion on a variety of terrains. It is also available in a sandal toe design.


The Vari-Flex
The Vari-Flex with EVO is a lower leg prosthesis that provides a combination of comfort and dynamics. It is lightweight and has a slender profile for improved cosmesis. With EVO, users who require quality artificial limbs can experience a natural gait progression by utilising the foot plate to its fullest, thus resulting in reduced fatigue and less strain on the lower back. This lower leg prosthesis is ideal for any activity.


The Vari-Flex XC foo
The Vari-Flex XC foot features a shock absorbing dual carbon keel and is lightweight and easy to fit. Stance and walking control are enhanced by EVO. Due to impact reduction and smooth roll-over, this artificial limb is the ideal foot for active people who want to use a single lightweight prosthetic foot.


The Vari-Flex XC Rotate
The Vari-Flex XC Rotate lower leg prosthesis combines energy return and smooth roll-over attributes with shock absorption and rotational capabilities. It is lightweight and reduces rotary forces on the knee joint and shear forces on the residual limb. Stance control and roll-over motion is enhanced by EVO, boosting overall walking comfort.


The Re-Flex shock
The Re-Flex shock with EVO offers the best vertical shock absorption of almost any lower leg prosthesis, with dynamic energy return and all around responsiveness, thus making it great for active users. With reduced shear forces on the residual limb and EVO, a natural gait progression is achieved, resulting in reduced fatigue and less strain on the lower back and sound side thanks to this ingenious artificial limb.


The Foot
Due to the foot’s progressive stiffening feature that adapts automatically to the load applied, a steady and comfortable gait is ensured. This foot has an adjustable heel height to accommodate different shoes and makes for one of the more aesthetically convincing prosthetic foot.


The Flex-Run
The Flex-Run features a longer toe lever and efficient energy return, while the Nike sole offers great traction with this lower leg prosthesis. The features of this artificial limb combine to give the ideal running foot. It is appropriate for users participating in high impact activities such as recreational jogging, trail running, distance running and triathlons.