Prosthetic Leg Cost in South Africa

Prosthetic leg costs have changed over time. Just like with any purchase, the cost will depend on your preference and needs. There are various types of prosthetic legs to choose from, and yours will be recommended by a professional prosthetist.

Artificial Legs Process After Amputation

After the amputation, your surgeon will be in contact with your prosthetist. You’ll be fitted with a post operation liner. The liner will be worn for between 6-8 weeks depending on your rate of healing. Your prosthetist will submit a quote to your medical aid for your recommended artificial leg, and once it has been approved, you’ll be fitted with a diagnostic socket that can be used to determine your additional needs for your prosthetic leg. From here, options for types of artificial knees and other additional options can be further researched.

Different Types of Artificial Knees

The Unity Vacuum System

The Unity System gives the security and freedom of a vacuum system without the restrictions of a sleeve, thus resulting in unrestricted range of motion.

Mauch Knee

The Mauch Knee’s hydraulic system provides amputees with a less strenuous and more controlled means of ambulation on varied terrains and for sports activities. The system offers a smooth natural gait and a high level of flexibility for more active lifestyles. This artificial limb is designed to support activity, not hinder it.

Total Knee 1900

The Total Knee 1900 artificial leg accommodates everyday walking requirements. The swing phase is controlled and steady, and combined with the extension promoter which will assist with limiting heel rise and moving your knee into a fully extended position, a natural knee motion is achieved. This capability is impressive as far as artificial limbs go, by mimicking a natural knee movement.

Balance Knee

The Balance Knee offers the less active user a high level of security and stability from their artificial leg. The balance between stability and walking dynamics can be easily adjusted to each individual’s needs. This above knee prosthesis facilitates an easy kneeling action and prevents hip-hike through mid-swing shortening.

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