Prosthetic Arm Cost in South Africa

Just like with any prosthetic, you get multiple types of prosthetic arms for sale, each one with a different price tag. It’s important to take your needs and preferences, and of course, your budget, into consideration before committing to a specific one.

If you are considering the different types of prosthetic arms, it’s important to know that there are different categories of each one.

Prosthetic Arm Categories

Body-Powered Prosthetic Arms

Also known as “conventional upper-limb prostheses”, body-powered prostheses are those made for patients that want to regain some of the functionality of their lost limb. The prosthetic is fastened with cables and harnesses that open and close a prosthetic hand or hook system in the same way that a bicycle’s handbrake system works. The body-power prosthetic option allows for basic function and control. Body-powered limbs have a lower initial cost than their battery-powered counterparts.

Battery-Powered Prosthetic

These are also known as “myolectric” or “bionic upper-limb prosthetics”. Although battery-powered prosthetics like bionic hands offer strong grip power, they are more expensive to buy initially, more expensive to repair and they are heavier due to the batteries. They are, however, a lot more versatile than body-powered prosthetics that oftentimes simply open and close.

Cosmetic Prosthetic Arms

Also called passive prostheses, cosmetic prostheses are simply for aesthetic purposes and they are perfect for those who do not desire a more functional prosthetic that features gripping abilities. We offer artificial limbs that are cast from the patient so it is a custom-made aesthetic match for the patient in terms of look, colour, fit, and feel.

Whatever option you may choose, you will be custom fit with a limb that suits you; whether you seek something aesthetic or functional, to find out more about prosthetic arm costs as well as artificial hand prices in South Africa, speak to our expert team for everything you need to know.