Fanie Scheffers


In short, after a motorbike accident my right lower leg was amputated in 2007. At the time it felt like my life was ruined and nothing would ever be the same again. I am a diesel mechanic by trade and I work in a mine, means that I work with earthmoving equipment as well.

Through God's grace, I accepted the situation I was in. This helped and accelerated the healing process. Your mind is a powerful tool. It can either work for you or against you. In my case, my mind-set was right and I was positive and up for the challenge. Within 4 months I had my first prostheses. Things were starting to normalise again.

A couple of years ago, I came into contact with Meintjes & Neethling Orthopaedics Inc. in Rustenburg. From the day I met the people at Meintjes & Neethling Orthopaedics Inc., things began looking up. I was so impressed with the professional and personal service I recieved. Hendrik Meintjes personally helped me and with his skills and excellent advice, we made a prostheses that works for me.

They also run a clinic in Mafikeng every Wednesday. This saves me a lot of travelling costs and time off from work.

I am living a full life, incl. riding my motorbike, still doing my same job, etc. With the right mind-set and professional people around you, you can live life to its fullest.