Soft Neck Collar
Stabilo Fix Posture Brace

Off the shelve TLSO

The TLSO back brace  accommodates the appropriate motion restriction throughout the healing process. The lightweight design includes a patented Mechanical Advantage Pulley System, a quick-release shoulder strap buckle, and an easy to use thoracic adjustment. All these features allow for the patient to control and relieve acute pain often associated with anomalies of the spine such as osteoporosis, compression fractures, spinal stenosis, strain, and excessive kyphosis

Miami J
The Miami J Select cervical collar offers the widest range of height adjustability in the market with a single, universal design that replicates the comfort, immobilization and quality you expect from a Miami J product.
Miami JTO
Miami JTO thoracic extension is a versatile, tool-free device with a patented chin strut, designed to treat cervical and high-thoracic injuries.
Miami Lumbar
Miami Lumbar Posteo delivers comfortable lumbar compression, adjustable thoracic extension and a consistent donning system. Offloading, stability and pain relief in an easy to use format.

Exos Form

The Exos FORM™ provides a higher degree of spinal support and relief from a wide range of indications from acute lower back pain to postoperative support. The Exos FORM™ provides superior sagittal control and support from T9-S1.

The BOA® Fit System is a dial-based performance fit system that is engineered with high quality, durable materials that enable a micro adjustable connection that’s built to perform. Each unique configuration is engineered for power without compromising precision in order to deliver a seamless connection between equipment and body.


Peadiatric Cerval Collar

Paediatric Soft Collar

Philadelphia Peadiatric Collar


Abdominal Binder

Comfortable to wear due to soft inside lining. Individually adjustable by means of Velcro closure. Height: 21 cm (8.3 inches).

Stoma Support

Circular abdominal support with special variable stoma recess. Composite velour material, back section features an elastic insert with two supporting splints. Large, skin-friendly lining in stoma area, can be freely positioned by means of Velcro layer.

Pregnancy Support