Dynamic AFO
AFO Dynamic incorporates Össur Flex-Foot technology and the energy storing properties of carbon fiber. The result is a strong, lightweight solution for people with varying degrees of drop foot.

Dropfoot Splint

Prefabricated from 3mm polypropylene for necessary rigidity and comfort. Indicated for post stroke flaccid foot drop or drop foot with spasticity. Can be heat treated for further modification and individual fit.
Night Splint
The Formfit® Night Splint is designed to help relieve the pain associated with plantar fasciitis by providing a gentle overnight stretch.

CTi & CTi Custom Brace:

CTi’s rigid carbon-fiber frame provides optimal protection and stabilization of the knee joint. With its flexible subshells, CTi comes with off-the-shelf convenience.

Cti Customs rigid carbon-fiber frame provides optimal protection and stabilization of the knee joint. CTi Custom is available in different models and can be further customized with numerous options.



LowTop Moonboot

Unloader One® X

Unloader One X is a medical device with biomechanical properties that is clinically proven to provide pain relief and functional improvements to people suffering from unicompartmental OA of the knee and degenerative meniscal tears.

The Unloader One X builds on decades of patient and practitioner experience and is designed with ease of use and effortless wear in mind.

Hinged Knee
The Formfit® Hinged Knee is for patients suffering from mild to moderate strains, sprains or ligament tears . It provides excellent stability, protection and compression during injury recovery. Made from strong and breathable materials it offers comfort while remaining highly durable.
Post op Knee Rom Brace
The Formfit® Post-Op Knee provides range of motion control and immobilization following surgery or injury.
Rebound® PCL
The Rebound PCL is designed to apply a physiologically correct, dynamic force, optimal for rehabilitation of posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) ruptures, during functional (non-surgical) or post-surgical rehabilitation.

Rebound® Hip

Rebound Hip is a universally-sized, low profile and lightweight post-hip arthroscopy brace that allows patients to safely perform daily activities and delivers gentle controlling forces for optimal post-surgical outcomes.

Stirrup Ankle Support
Diabetic Shoe
Offloading Shoe


Kidz Rom Brace
The paediatric medi ROM kidz knee splint is a universal knee splint with flexion/extension limitation and options for immobilization.
Paediatric AFO
Made form 3mm Polypropylene, these AFO’s can be heated, manipulated and trimmed to size
MiniTrax is the only paediatric walking boot to feature kid-friendly design elements that make wearing a boot less intimidating.

Custom Made AFO

An AFO may be used for foot drop when surgery is not warranted or during surgical or neurologic recovery. The specific purpose of an AFO is to provide toe dorsiflexion during the swing phase, medial or lateral stability at the ankle during stance, and, if necessary, pushoff stimulation during the late stance phase.