Orthotics for flat feet

Ever heard of orthotics for flat feet?

Orthotics for flat feet is one of the oldest and most effective ways of treating various foot conditions and orthopedic problems. If a person’s gait is not natural because of an uneven effect on the legs, a lot of energy is being wasted. Due to this, there can be problems with the knees and back. This calls for orthotics for flat feet to get rid of such issues.

What qualifications are required as an orthotists/prosthetists?

Orthotists / Prosthetists have to study the same subjects as other health professions, e.g. anatomy, physiology, neuroscience and pathology, but specific studies relevant to the profession include biomechanics, orthotic and prosthetic prescription, as well as device design and fabrication. They require strong technical skills and a thorough understanding of clinical assessment and the application of orthotic and prosthetic techniques. 

Lastly, they should have a clear grasp of research methodology to supports evidence-based practice. General health degrees or alternative health qualifications do not allow candidates to enter the occupation.

What are the main causes for flat feet?

Sometimes flat feet are inherited, sometimes they’re stress-related, sometimes they’re caused by a bone spur while other times they’re the result of an old injury. The causes of flat feet can vary so much; it doesn’t always lead to free & cheap orthotics for flat feet for all either. Everyone is different and there isn’t one particular cause that’s applicable to all cases. However, a lot of people do have flat feet but never took the time to buy orthotics for their flat feet. This is usually because they don’t know where to buy orthotic shoes from or what exactly orthotics are and how they help with flat foot pain. 

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orthotics for flat feet