Medical Home and Nursing Supplies Pretoria from M&N

Medical home and nursing supplies are used for many different purposes. Whether they are for elderly people, people with disabilities, or for new amputees, nursing supplies are designed to make life easier for the user.

Different Medical Home and Nursing Supplies


Wheelchairs and mobility scooters assist patients by giving them a means to be mobile. Wheelchairs may be either manually pushed by the patient, or another person, or with the help of electricity. Electric wheelchairs and scooters are recommended for patients with significant mobility/balance impairment.

Bathtub Safety bar

Not only for people with disabilities, or the elderly, a bathtub safety rail is a brilliant idea for any home. Accidents happen to everyone, and having a rail on the side of the bath can prevent nasty slips and falls. This rail provides confidence and stability when getting in and out of the bath. It has a non-slip powder coated finish, and attaches to side of the bath.

Grab Rails

Similar to the bathtub safety bar, grab rails provide support and can prevent falls. They can be placed anywhere in the house, on walls. They’re great for being placed next to steps, beside the toilet, alongside passages, etc. They’re great for people who need additional support when moving around the house.

Raised Toilet Seats

Our raised toilet seats are easy to fit, fits most toilets and are easy to clean. Raised (or elevated) toilet seats reduce the distance that a person has to go when they sit down on and stand up from the toilet. Using a raised toilet seat will make a massive difference for someone who finds it difficult to sit or stand easily.

Kettle Pourer

This nifty device will assist patients with hand or arm problems, including amputees. This is a wire frame designed to hold a kettle at a slanted angle. With gentle pressure on the handle, the water can be poured into the cup without the heavy kettle needing to be lifted. The kettle is secured by a strap, and the device ensures the user’s safety.

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