Knee Injury Rehabilitation

The knee is the largest joint in the body, and it’s constantly in use. Knee injuries are very common, and many elderly people have to pay for knee replacements over time. Common knee injuries include sprains, strains, dislocations, fractures and damage from overuse.

Risk factors of knee injuries include overuse, improper training, osteoporosis (bone weakness), arthritis and impact sports that involve sudden changes in direction.

Knee Injury Rehabilitation

Meintjes & Neethling can help with the exercise conditioning programme that will enable patients to return to daily activities and enjoy a more active, healthy lifestyle. Our job is reducing pain, restoring mobility and enabling improved independence. As one of South Africa’s leading orthotics and prostheses practices, we assess, diagnose and supply what you need.

Knee Braces

Meintjes & Neethling are world-class knee brace specialists, regularly sharing and growing expertise with the global orthotic community. For example, we create ROM braces for when the range of motion for the knee needs to be controlled; hinged knee braces that support weak or injured knees; patella-stabilising knee braces that stabilise the knee cap; and I.T.B. straps indicated for Iliotibial band syndrome, which is pain of the outer knee.

Knee Rehabilitation Exercises

People of all ages can experience knee pain. “Runner’s knee’ (patellofemoral pain syndrome) is the most common orthopaedic problem in sports medicine. Painful knees are also a major problem for those with arthritis.

Avoiding exercise when experiencing pain is often the wrong route to follow. There are exercises which can reduce pain and prevent further injury or pain by providing the knee with strengthened support.

Knee strengthening exercises do not affect the knee joint directly, but strengthen the muscles surrounding it. Strong leg muscles support the knees. This may alleviate pressure and strain on knee joints, relieving pain and helping you to be more active.

Contact Meintjes and Neethling for the knee rehabilitation exercise programme that will improve your quality of life.