The Importance of Wheelchair Accessibility

The use of the word accessibility in the everyday is that it can be used, obtained or approached by a person. In the world of those living with a disability this has a completely different meaning which can present their day with difficulties and make certain daily tasks near impossible. Physical and environmental accessibility for the handicapped is of vital importance for all public spaces and here are just a few of the reasons why.

Encourages Inclusion

Equality is an important factor when considering the boxes a public space should tick. It should not only be accessible to the handicapped, but provide comfortable parking and bathrooms for those who make use of artificial limbs or wheelchairs in order to get around.

Having these things available to the public means that it will be accessible to those who need it which means they will not avoid it for those reasons. This encourages the inclusion of all people and does not deter anyone from using a space simply because they cannot get around the space easily. There is no reason to exclude anyone, it reflects badly on your brand and is bad for your business.

Increased Awareness

People are used to seeing disabled parking spots and brail on elevator floor numbers, so an access ramp should be no different. By making these things commonplace you are actively playing a role in increasing awareness, and making inclusion the norm.

Wheelchair suppliers will be happy to know that their customers can actively use their mobility aid anywhere they go. Those with artificial legs and artificial limbs do not need to fear being stared at because if there is no reason for them not to be included they will confidently use any space, and those they are sharing it with won’t bat an eye.

It’s Good For Business

Logistically speaking not having appropriate wheelchair accessibility and handicap accommodation in the form of parking and bathroom is simply bad for business. If your space does not allow a huge portion of the population access, just statistically, you are losing a huge amount of business when you don’t have to be. Throwing away revenue is foolish when avoiding this is as easy as installing a ramp, painting parking spaces and upgrading your bathrooms.

Be sure your business is up to code and your space is fully accessible to those in wheelchairs or those making use of artificial limbs. Contact Meintjes and Neethling if you are in need of trusted wheelchair suppliers, or if you would like more advice on how to make your space handicapped friendly through and through.