The Importance of Sharing Information with Your Prosthetist for Effective Permanent Prosthesis

EFFECTIVE PERMANENT PROSTHESISLosing a limb is a traumatic experience and the recovery can be a long and strenuous one. This is why it is of the upmost importance that you know what to share with your prosthetist to ensure you receive the most effective permanent prosthesis to fit in with your lifestyle. This includes asking questions and raising any concerns you may have in the processes of building and fitting your permanent prosthesis.

Share Everything about Your Lifestyle

To effectively fit you with artificial limbs your prosthetics professional needs to be aware of all the things you regularly get up to because losing a limb will have a significant effect on your routine.

Your Day-to-Day Routine

This should include everything from your profession and whether you have young dependents to things that seem as minor as who makes up your support system in your personal life and how you usually get around.

Perhaps you often travel for work or are responsible for getting your children to and from school. This is all vital information that will help determine which of the artificial limbs available will best suit you and your life.

Your Regular Physical Activity

If you enjoy running, swimming or other sports this should factor into the kind of artificial limb you receive. Sharing this information will allow the prosthetics professional to fit you with a permanent prosthesis that lends itself to these activities.

It is important to note that you don’t have to have been an athlete before the amputation to be considered active and be sure to stress the things you would like to be able to begin to do or continue doing with your permanent prosthesis.

Why it is Important to Choose a Prosthetic Professional you are Comfortable Sharing With

 You and your prosthetist will be spending extended periods of time together in order to get the perfect fit for your permanent prosthesis. Fitting artificial limbs takes time and by withholding information it will only prolong this process.

Find a prosthetist you are comfortable sharing information with to make your road to recovery and your permanent prosthesis fitting as pleasurable an experience as possible.

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