The Importance of Making Regular Appointments with your Prosthetist

After you get your custom-made arm prosthesis, or any other artificial limb, fitted, and even well into a few years of usage, you still need to maintain a long-term relationship with your prosthetist. It is important for your health and comfort to visit your prosthetist at least four times per year for the following reasons:

To Check up on the Condition of your Residual Limb

The residual limb refers to the limb which is still intact, it is important to monitor the condition of your residual limb as it can often take a lot of strain if it is overused. Your prosthetist will be able to examine your residual limb to recommend any treatment options which may be required to prevent further damage. Be sure to take care of your residual limb and artificial limbs with regular visits to your prosthetist.


Ensure the Functionality of your Prosthesis is still Performing Optimally

By making regular appointments to see your prosthetist throughout the year, the functionality of your prosthesis will also be assessed continuously. It is important to have you’re the function of your leg and arm prosthesis regularly monitored in order to ensure continued performance. This will also be able to determine whether components or your prosthesis needs to be repaired for optimal function.

You May be in Need of New Liners or Socks

During your regular visits with your prosthetist, it may be determined that you need a new prosthesis liner or other accessories that will give you a better experience. Prosthesis liners are an integral part of your health and comfort when wearing a prosthesis which is why it is important to establish whether they need to be changed or whether you may need to look into a new type to fit you better. Should you also require a wheelchair for certain activities you find difficult to complete without one or for travel, your prosthetist will also be able to connect you with wheelchair suppliers, should they not be a supplier themselves.

You Have a Chance to Voice any Concerns or Discomfort

Lastly, during your appointments with your prosthetist you will also have the opportunity to voice any concerns you may have or to detail the discomforts that you may be experiencing. By letting your prosthetist know about these issues, you will be able to get advice and treatment options on how best to overcome them.

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