How do You Fix Weak Ankles?

Ankles don’t always get the recognition they deserve – they are used for almost every motion while upright, from walking to running to dancing. It’s important to look after these because an injured ankle can create unbearable pain and lack of proper movement.

Weak ankles mean that the muscles and / or ligaments tend to be unbalanced and are prone to twisting and spraining. Weak ankles can be hereditary, but they can also be caused by injuries on the ankle, as well as injuries recurring in the same place. If an ankle injury isn’t allowed to heal properly before it is used, it can also cause ankle weakness. Luckily, there are ways to prevent this!

Exercises for Weak Ankles

Oftentimes, an ankle injury and weak ankles can be prevented and even fixed with simple ankle exercises. Ankle exercises should be done before exercising to ensure that the joint is warmed up. With this, it will be less likely to become injured. Even conditions like tendonitis and arthritis can be prevented and assisted, with proper stretching and flexing.

Ankle Circles

Although it’s a simple exercise, moving your ankles in small circles one by one, alternating in a clockwise and anticlockwise movement can warm up the joint and loosen the muscles and tendons. Do this for each foot about 20 times each way for this exercise to be effective.

Dorsiflexion Stretch

This is also a simple movement where you sit with your legs straight in front of you, feet straight up, and without touching your toes, pull them towards your knees. This strengthens the muscles and your Achilles tendon.

If you have sustained an ankle injury, the best thing to do is get it looked at by a professional medical practitioner. They may do x-rays, depending on the severity of the injury, or they may send you to an orthotist to get an ankle support brace.

Ankle Support Brace

Ankle support braces are great for keeping your ankle steady and strong. If you do have weak ankles, wearing an ankle support brace can help to prevent injuries, and provide some stability.

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