Electric Wheelchair Considerations

Electric wheelchairs provide a lot of movement for people with limited movement, or injuries. They are extremely convenient but, like anything, they can become slightly uncomfortable when sat in for long periods of time. Adjusting seating position (if possible) will definitely help with fixing developing tingles and pain, but there are other ways to ensure a comfy ride, every time.

Lower Back Protection

Sitting puts pressure on the spine and lower back, making it important to have additional support on your wheelchair. It will help with comfort, chaffing, and posture. Depending on your needs and preferences, there are various wheelchair cushions that will keep the body in the best position, whilst remaining as comfortable as possible.

Keep your Wheelchair Clean

By regularly cleaning your wheelchair, you’ll not only be making sure that it lasts longer and looks good, but also that it feels good and runs smoothly. Cleaning will ensure that dirt and grime doesn’t build up around the buttons or wheels; both can hinder your wheelchair’s performance.

Adjust Gradient of Backrest

Oftentimes wheelchairs are sat at a very rigid, too upright angle which isn’t good for the spine or for an enjoyable experience. Most wheelchairs have an adjustable backrest that can be fixed using a clip, lever, or button. Reclining slightly can reduce pressure on your body, and allow you to keep your balance more easily.

Adjust the Footrest

Another part of the body that takes strain while sitting is the pelvis and hip area. The footrest of the electric wheelchair is there to make sure you can adjust the position of your knees slightly higher than your hips to relieve some of the impact. Making sure that your knees are slightly higher than the position of your hips will allow you to sit with ease for longer periods of time.

Which Electric Wheelchair Is Best?

The Comfort Electric is perfect for patients with limited mobility. It allows patients to cover long distances on a variety of terrains. They are easy to travel with and can be folded to fit into the boot of a car.

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