Different Types of Wheelchairs

Adjusting to life in a wheelchair can be overwhelming at first, so it’s important to find the right fit for individual needs, to ensure that the user is as well-equipped and as comfortable as possible. Luckily there are loads to choose from!

Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs are popular types of wheelchairs for the elderly, because they tend to be less cumbersome than their automated counterparts. They are easy to manoeuvre both by the user, and by anyone pushing the wheelchair. These wheelchairs are lightweight and can also fold reasonably easily, making them simple to travel with and store while seated in another chair (i.e. at a restaurant).

Electronic Wheelchairs

Electronic wheelchairs are powered by rechargeable batteries, and are perfect for users who don’t have upper body strength or mobility to manually operate the chair. Users with severely limited mobility can have a sense of independence, by operating their electrical wheelchair by using the handheld controls. Electric wheelchairs are great for users who need to travel longer distances, on different terrains. They can also be folded to fit into the boot of a car, making them easy to travel with.  

Specialised Wheelchairs

There are many other wheelchairs that cater to different needs. Some of these include:

  • Paediatric Wheelchairs: These are chairs specifically designed for children. They are smaller and can be manual or electronic. They can be customised according to aesthetic preferences as well, which is great for boosting confidence!
  • Sports Wheelchairs: These come in different shapes and sizes, and are customised according to the user’s preference. They are usually manual, and can be designed for sports, including basketball, tennis and racing. There are other wheelchair events that these chairs are great for!
  • All-Terrain Wheelchairs: These wheelchairs can also be customised according to preference but will have a few features in common:
    • Better suspension to ensure balance over different terrains
    • Larger wheels to prevent the chair from falling over, over rough terrain
    • Powerful motors (if they are electric – although this is commonly the case)


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