Correcting Posture Tips

We’ve all been told by our elders at one time or another to “stand up straight”, and there is merit to this. Your posture will impact your body in a few different ways. Posture is the position that you hold your body in when you’re walking, standing, sitting and even lounging.

Why is Good Posture Important?

Everything your body needs to stay upright relies on your spine, making it imperative that you look after it. Keeping up good posture in all of your activities will ensure that your bones are aligned correctly with the rest of the body, while the tension in your muscles and ligaments is properly distributed. Good posture:

  • Is partially responsible for the state of your muscle fatigue; if your posture isn’t good, the body will get tired faster because it isn’t aligned.
  • Puts less stress on spinal joints, ligaments and muscles in the back and neck. This substantially reduces the risk of injury.
  • Will assist with back and neck pain and, in the long term, alleviate knots in the muscles of your back.
  • Will decrease the rate of deterioration in your joints. Anything that is misaligned causes damage over time, and your spine is no different.

How Do I Practice Good Posture?

  • Sit correctly: ensure that your feet are on the floor, or on a footrest. Keep your knees at or below your hip level, and avoid crossing your legs. Maintain keeping your shoulders slightly back so that they are straight and not rounded, and have your backrest support your entire back. Ensure your spine is straight without feeling strained.
  • Stand correctly: ensure that your weight is supported by the soles of your feet, with your feet placed 4-5 inches apart, and tuck your stomach in. Your hands hanging naturally next to your sides. Your spine should be straight and you should stand tall as if there is a string pulling you upwards from the top of your head.

Posture Braces

Practicing good posture can be a challenge; your muscles may not be used to standing, sitting and walking correctly. This sometimes discourages people, but, like with anything, practice makes perfect. Posture braces can help you get your positioning right and strengthen those muscles so that you can form a good habit for your whole body!

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