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Gloria Med Strong

The optimum elasticity allow a constant compression over long periods of time. The special porous mesh assures a normal transpiration of the skin. A complete range of styles and sizes, including Custom-made stockings, fit most patient needs.

Compression class 2 & compression class 3

Gloria EasyVen

Polyestensive medical stockings in synthetic, lightweight and easy to wear.  The new line of Gloria EASYVEN socks is made of synthetic yarn, soft and elastic, which allows you to combine fit and comfort without neglecting the therapeutic effectiveness.
Thanks to the extraordinary elasticity of the jersey they are easy to put on and take off, ensuring comfort, comfort and lightness to your legs throughout the day.

Mediven Thrombexin

Mediven thrombexin 18, anatomically knitted stocking with an exactly defined pressure gradient. Simple handling and saving of time take the pressure off nursing staff and optimize patient care. 

Lady Gloria

Attractive, sheer and comfortable stockings and pantyhose with graduated compression. Suitable for young and dynamic women who need a medical effect with elegance and style.

Mediven Elegance

Elegantly attractive topband motifs for thigh-length stockings. Particularly skin- friendly as proved by a dermatological test. Suitable for sensitive skin. Soft Elastic: for more freedom for the toes and more comfort in the forefoot area.Particularly wide and soft cuff, which gives a perfect hold and makes the stocking especially comfortable to wear. Standard Closed Toe

Medi Travel Men

Medi Travel men socks are made of particularly soft, antistatic material with a reinforced sole for comfort in wear. The socks are available in the colour black with closed toes and an attractive ribbed look and are no different in appearance to a normal man’s sock.

Medi Travel Woman

Medi Travel women stockings are popular because of their soft cuff and the Clima Fresh technology. They are available in the colour powder, closed toe and are no different in appearance to semi-transparent sheer stockings


Tubigrip provides lasting, effective support with complete freedom of movement for the patient. Once the bandage has been applied, covered elastic threads within the fabric move to adjust to the contours of the body and distribute pressure evenly over the surface. Fitting is quick and easy. Tubigrip stays securely in position without pins or tapes, unlike conventional crepe bandages. It can easily be reapplied after washing. Wastage is minimised, as only the exact amount of compression bandage required is cut from the roll. Tubigrip comes in boxes of 10 metre lengths. A double layer may be formed for additional compression and support by doubling the bandage back over itself. Ensure that the upper edge of the second layer is taken 2–3cm higher up the limb than the first.

Compression Sleeves

Mediven Harmony Armsleeve
Mediven Harmony Glove
Stabilo Fix Posture Brace


Butler Fitting Aid

The ideal donning aid for all compression stocking wearers who can comfortably don their stockings without assistance. The handles ensures maximum stability when putting on compression stockings and pantyhose.

Medi Rubber Gloves

Latex rubber gloves that grips and holds stockings for
easier donning and doffing. Sold in pairs.

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