Caring for Your Wheelchair

Just as much as your wheelchair cares for you, you’ll need to ensure that it is cared for too so you can get the most out of it! Different types of wheelchairs will require different types of attention. Wheelchair maintenance will depend on whether it’s used indoors or outdoors and on what terrain it’s used on. The rougher the terrain, the more care the wheelchair will require.

Daily Wheelchair Care

There are different levels on which you need to care for your wheel chair. Daily wheelchair care is as simple as a quick once over of small tasks and a once over to see if there is anything that needs to be fixed.

  • Give it a dust down with a damp cloth – this isn’t necessary if you’ve been indoors all day!
  • If there is noticeable dirt inside nooks and crannies in the wheel chair parts, use a small brush to get to the hard to reach places and remove it. Don’t let this brush be wet, or it could promote rusting over time. 
  • When not in use, keep it in a dry, safe space.

Weekly Wheelchair Care

On a weekly basis, there are a few things you should schedule in for your wheelchair:

  • Make sure that the wheelchair cushion is clean by giving it a wash
  • Take off the parts that can be removed to ensure that there is no grime sitting in between the cracks.
  • Check your wheelchair tyres. They should always be hard. If they aren’t, a regular bicycle pump may be used to get them to the pressure they need to be.
  • Clean the armrests and the back rest to make sure that the material stays fresh
  • Use a different damp cloth to wipe down the wheels and in between the spokes – don’t forget to dry these afterwards!

Monthly Wheelchair Care

There are places to get your wheelchair serviced and repaired. Meinjes and Neethling can help with this. Get a wheelchair professional to look at your wheelchair regularly to ensure it lasts longer and stays safe and functioning.  

For more mobility aids, contact the professionals at Meinjes and Neethling!