The Importance of Wheelchair Accessibility

The use of the word accessibility in the everyday is that it can be used, obtained or approached by a person. In the world of those living with a disability this has a completely different meaning which can present their day with difficulties and make certain daily tasks near impossible. Physical and environmental accessibility for the handicapped is of vital importance for all public spaces and here are just a few of the reasons why.

The Importance of Making Regular Appointments with your Prosthetist

After you get your custom-made arm prosthesis, or any other artificial limb, fitted, and even well into a few years of usage, you still need to maintain a long-term relationship with your prosthetist. It is important for your health and comfort to visit your prosthetist at least four times per year for the following reasons:

How Modern Prosthesis Compares to Those throughout History

The comparison of modern prosthetic limbs to those throughout history takes us on an interesting journey of how the materials and design have become more advanced. The major difference in the range of improvements is found in the presence of newer materials as well as the integration of electronics in some cases. Permanent and custom made prosthesis have certainly been transformed over the years by orthotics and prosthetics practitioners and engineers, improving on both ergonomics and cosmetics.

Medical Orthotics for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Medical orthotics as continued treatment for children living with Cerebral Palsy (CP) is essential to improve pain management levels as well as the patients’ efficiency of movement. Without the intervention of an orthopedic specialist it can become a possibility that the CP patient never fully explores the range of movement that could potentially be available to them. Here is some information about what orthotic supplies along with the help of medical orthotics can provide patients.