The Importance of Sharing Information with Your Prosthetist for Effective Permanent Prosthesis

EFFECTIVE PERMANENT PROSTHESISLosing a limb is a traumatic experience and the recovery can be a long and strenuous one. This is why it is of the upmost importance that you know what to share with your prosthetist to ensure you receive the most effective permanent prosthesis to fit in with your lifestyle. This includes asking questions and raising any concerns you may have in the processes of building and fitting your permanent prosthesis.

M&N Prosthetics: A Glossary of Basic Terms

Custom made prosthesesTerms used in this industry are often used interchangeably and can leave people feeling confused. This article will serve as a glossary of terms so when searching for the information you need when talking to your medical advisors about anything related to prosthetics you will be in the know. Consider this your glossary of terminology when discussing anything within the industry.

4 Signs that it’s Time for Professional Healthcare at Home


home nursing suppliesThere are many signs that can add up to the conclusion that coping at home with a special needs loved one has gotten to be overwhelming so making a decision to better this shouldn’t be taken lightly. That being said, there comes a time when professional home healthcare must be considered in the best interest of both the patient and their loved ones.