Caring for Your Wheelchair

Just as much as your wheelchair cares for you, you’ll need to ensure that it is cared for too so you can get the most out of it! Different types of wheelchairs will require different types of attention. Wheelchair maintenance will depend on whether it’s used indoors or outdoors and on what terrain it’s used on. The rougher the terrain, the more care the wheelchair will require.

How to Properly Apply and Wear an Elbow Brace


Different types of elbow braces are used to treat injuries, as well as provide support before and after surgery. In order for the brace to be effective in treating an elbow injury, it is critical that it is applied correctly. If the elbow brace is worn incorrectly, the support will be ineffective and could even make the injury worse in the long run.

Back Conditions that can be Treated with Spinal Orthotics

Your back and neck are the key pieces on the main frame that ensures that your entire body is supported. It can be incredible uncomfortable if they aren’t functioning the way that they should, or if there is pain in either of them. Neck and back braces are reliable, non-surgical ways of treating and relieving pain caused by various injuries or conditions. It is highly recommended that you consult a doctor or qualified orthotist to ensure that you get the correct type of spinal brace for your specific injury. Below is a list of back problems that can typically be treated using spinal orthotics:

What is a Prosthetic Practitioner

A prosthetist or a prosthetic practitioner is a specialist who works with prostheses equipment and patients. In short, prosthetic practitioner is a certified medical professional responsible for building and fitting a prosthetic for patients who have lost or were born without limbs. This article will discuss the role of a prosthetic practitioner at the different stages of a patient’s care.