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5 Tips For Easier Shopping With Your Wheelchair

Adapting to life as amputee is a challenging process, even with artificial limbs. Doing your groceries shopping, especially if you go alone, is one of the biggest challenges, and you may find that the task doesn’t work out so well with your artificial arm or leg. So you’ll need to use a wheelchair. And the following five tips will help you make the best of your wheelchair-driven shopping trips.

Your Journey To Permanent Prosthesis

Permanent ProsthesisIf you are about to go through an amputation, or have already, you may be wondering about the prosthetics you’ll be fitting. This is likely a traumatic time for you, and further worries about the future are not helpful. So in this article we are going to help set your mind at ease with a simple, brief explanation of your journey to permanent prosthesis.

The Importance of a Custom-made Prosthesis

Custom-made ProsthesisTechnology is developing at an astronomical rate, and prosthetic doctors in Pretoria are constantly improving to keep up with trends and provide the best possible care for patients. These days a qualified prosthetist can, with the correct tools and enough time, provide you with a custom-made prosthesis that is perfect for you, no matter the limb being replaced.