Below Elbow Prosthesis: The Different Types

An arm prosthesis below the elbow is called a Transradial prosthetic. They have been designed to assist the user by replacing the function, as much as possible, of a missing arm. Each arm prosthesis has a specific purpose and will be built differently. The different types of below the elbow prostheses include:

  • Cosmetic
  • Body-powered
  • Bionic and myoelectric

Cosmetic Transradial Prostheses

These are custom-made prostheses that are made using the casts from the patients themselves. Because a custom-made prosthesis is designed and made to address a specific person’s needs, the arm prosthesis can only be worn by the person it was made for. These are for appearance only and do not have mobility or specialised functions.

Body-powered Transradial Prostheses

Using a system of cables and harnesses, a body-powered prosthesis requires patients to move; for example, their arms or shoulders should pull the cables and open or close the end devices (which can be hands or hooks) much the same as a bicycle’s handbrake system.

Myoelectric or Bionic

Myoelectrically controlled lower arm prosthesis devices are powered externally and are therefore not dependent on the patient’s muscle strength. The use the body’s residual neuro-muscular system to manage the functions of the electrically-powered arm prosthesis.

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