About Us

Founded in 1998, Meintjes and Neethling (Pty) Ltd is renowned as one of Pretoria’s most respected orthotics and prosthetics practices, with practices in Rustenburg and Mafikeng as well. Our team includes some of the country’s best specialists and technicians who are always aware of the reason why they chose this profession: to make a significant difference in our patients’ lives.  

Simply put, we believe that our growth and success can be attributed to our dedication in helping all our patients to:

  • Reduce their pain
  • Increase their mobility
  • Improve their independence.

Our orthotics division provides a range of splints, braces and special footwear to help and improve movement, correct deformities and relieving discomfort. These range from a back brace to help a patient who suffers from scoliosis, to callipers to help a patient living with polio to become more mobile.

Regarding prosthetics, we provide the best possible solutions for patients who have lost or were born without limbs, including artificial legs, arms, or even bionic hands.

A range of quality products to fit everyone’s needs

Modern technology allows us to produce prosthetic devices that are lighter, more flexible and at the forefront of technology. These include sophisticated imported devices and simple, effective products which our specialists recommend. This allows us to supply our patients with products across the price spectrum to fit their unique needs.

Although we also supply ready-made orthoses such as foot, ankle, knee and spinal devices, we first ensure that these devices fit our patients comfortably. If not, we make adjustments to ensure the best possible fit. 

We design and create artificial limbs ourselves, or provide the best local or international products with the correct adjustments to ensure that the prostheses can be fitted comfortably.

When fitting the prostheses or orthoses are fitted, our clinicians make sure that patients are happy with their devices and that the devices work efficiently. These include one or more follow-up consultations.

Where you can find us

  • Meintjes and Neethling’s head office in Pretoria East is close to Wilgers Hospital and Faerie Glen Hospital, a well-known specialised spinal and orthopaedic facility.
  • We also have branches in Rustenburg and Mafikeng, two major towns in the North West province.
  • We also attend to the following facilities:
    • Zeerust Hospital
    • Lichtenburg Hospital
    • Vryheid Hospital