5 Tips For Easier Shopping With Your Wheelchair

Adapting to life as amputee is a challenging process, even with artificial limbs. Doing your groceries shopping, especially if you go alone, is one of the biggest challenges, and you may find that the task doesn’t work out so well with your artificial arm or leg. So you’ll need to use a wheelchair. And the following five tips will help you make the best of your wheelchair-driven shopping trips.1. Locate wheelchair-friendly stores

This will take a bit of research and help from friends and family, but it is absolutely essential. By locating accessible locations you are guaranteed ease of access to your choice of shop, and you will be able to help yourself in and out without added stress or risk of injury.

2. Keep the time in mind

Timing is everything when shopping with a wheelchair (as well as for a quick trip with your artificial limbs). You will be sharing the shopping space with other people, and the more crowded a store is the more difficult it will be to manoeuvre your wheelchair comfortably around the other patrons and items in the store. To avoid that discomfort, find out what the shop’s peak hours are (the staff should be more than happy to inform you), and make sure that you choose a quieter time to do your shopping.

3. Make a list

Shopping can be a taxing experience for anybody if you aren’t sure what you need, and even more so if you are in a wheelchair. Backtracking and wheeling yourself around everywhere takes up extra time and energy, but by having a list you will know exactly what you are looking for and won’t need to worry about added confusion. Also, if you are familiar with the store you can add directions to shop specifically by aisle, in a set order, making shopping infinitely simpler.

4. Bring a Friend

Sometimes you’ll need to buy items you can’t reach from your chair. If you know what those items are and when you’ll need to go buy them, you can plan to have a friend go with you to help. That way you won’t have to ask strangers for help either, though store clerks should always available to help patrons.

5. Shop online

From the comfort of your own home, sitting in your wheelchair or practicing with your artificial arm, there are few things as easy as shopping online. You can log into an app or website, buy what you need, and have it delivered right to your door.

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